Bug in the demo?

Yeah, I haven't bought the game (yet). Shut up.

Anyways, I'm trying to buy the Kronos gateway (the best one in the demo) and when I click "buy," it says that gateway isn't available in the demo? I've been able to buy it before with the same version of the game, etc. And the "THIS IS NOT AVAILABLE IN THE DEMO" text doesn't appear over the gateway picture, so I don't know what's going on. I know I have enough money, because I just finished hacking a bank.

Anyone know how to fix it?

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Anyone know how to fix it?

You can fix it buy purchasing the game. It sounds like there is a very minor inconsistency in the way that gateways are presented, though I am not sure that this rises to the level of "bug." It is highly unlikely that Ambrosia will release a new patch to fix this, though, I suppose, it is possible that it will be fixed in the next patch (if there is another patch). I wouldn't hold my breath.


The gateways are presented in a seemingly (to me) random order, while the "slots" with buyable gateways stay the same for unregistered games. For example, the second from the top item could be buyable permanently through out the game, but it could be populated with a Kronos gateway, an Alpha+ gateway, a FileServer gateway, etc, each time you start up the game. Really, it's quite finicky, and still a good reason to buy the game.