Another Bank Hacking Issue

Passive trace just as fast as active?

I'm playing the demo until I'm pro again, then planning on registering. Here's my situation.

Since the latest version of the demo only lets you reach "Confident" rating, I can't do Balance Transfer missions and find huge sums of money. So I decided to just hack the admin of banks, find accounts, and clean several of them out.

I've got Proxy Disable v5, Firewall Disable v5, Log Deleter v4, all that good stuff. I hack the admin and get a list of accounts with passwords, then disconnect and delete my logs. Then I reconnect and usually have about 120 seconds to steal money. I disable the Proxy and Firewall, steal money from the accounts I wrote down (deleting the Statement log after plundering each account) and by the time I disconnect, I usually have stolen somewhere in the neighborhood of 20,000 credits and have about 60 seconds left on the active trace. I head to InterNIC to delete my logs, do so, and then go to Uplink Bank to delete my statement there. But somehow, frustratingly, just before the Proxy and Firewall are finished being disabled so I can delete my own Statement, I get the BSoD because the bank I robbed passive traced me. Every single time. I've tried like 4 different accounts now.

So would it be better to just scrounge together the cash to go with HUDConnectionAnalysis and v5 Bypassers? It might give me the few extra seconds I need to delete the final statement and then clear out the logs at InterNIC so I can finally be safe...

Man it was so much easier when I could just get a Balance Transfer mission and steal 1mil credits in one try 😄

Banks trace fast. Go into InterNIC and pick some random places to use as bounce points. Also, bypasses are far superior to the disablers.

I have like 2/3ds of the InterNIC library added to my own links for precisely that purpose. Maybe I'll just use all of them lol.


I would also suggest stealing from only one account at a time. As prophile said, banks passive traces are fast. You probably only have time to steal from one or two accounts before you are caught.

Personally, I only use one bounce, monitor bypass, and move the money into an account (that I own) at the bank that I am hacking (that way I can delete both transfer logs at the same time). This gives me more time to delete other logs.


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