ROCHESTER, New York -- November 13, 2008 -- Ambrosia Software has taken to the seas and released Aquaria for the Macintosh, an epic 2D, side-scrolling underwater adventure game offering puzzles, exploration, and combat. Drop-dead gorgeous to look at and edge-of-your-seat exciting to play, Aquaria is packed with creativity, action, and innovation.

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Aquaria is centered around Naija, an undersea dweller seemingly alone in a vast ocean world teeming with life - some friendly, some not. Players seek to unlock the myriad secrets that comprise Naija's past while defeating or outwitting the various ancient and powerful creatures she encounters in the azure depths of Aquaria.

Immerse yourself in the free trial today:

Aquaria for Macintosh is available today for $30 from Ambrosia's online store, with a 30-day free trial version available for immediate download.