Converting .mp3 files into .uni files

I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to change the format of a .mp3 file into a .uni file. The incentive/reason for this is that I ran across the Deus Ex OST: The music would be great to listen to while I play.

Sorry to say this, but... the answer is no. They are two completely different and incompatible formats. To put it simply, .uni is a tracker format, same as .mod, .s3m, .xm, .it and the like. MP3 is a sample format, just like WAV, AIFF, and the like. MIDI is also in quite a different class, and is incompatible with the others.

I guess I could always do an analog conversion. Play/record at the same time, and save as a .uni.

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.uni doesn't work like that, it's like a midi but with the instruments embedded in it.

It's a sound tracker format, so what you could do is create a single instrument whose source is the music you want, and then have that play for the entire length of the music.

Bit of a hack but it might work.

Uh... no... sorry. I... yeah. No.

Yeah. No. No. It... no. Just... no.

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