Transfer to Uplink Account

How do I use the money I steal?

I have gotten away with stealing a large sum ($800000) from Bioware Intl, but when I then try to transfer it to my Uplink account it says that I need to talk to my system admin.

I am entering 73.320.208.671 as the IP for my uplink account. I was thinking that maybe somehow I am entering this wrong.

I know that I have the money because it says that I have it in my financial information screen in the account I created, but I just can't transfer it again.

I have messed with this a lot, and I have found that I can't transfer anything to or from my Uplink account.

I am using the unregistered version, and would like to register, but not until I get this question solved.

Where exactly is the money now? In a second bank account?

If the money is in a second bank account, you can use it by selecting it in the money window. You know... click on the money icon and see your account(s). If you click and highlight another account besides your Uplink bank account, that one will be used. But be careful with this as you can overdraw if you transfer all the money out (which I have done) and then forget to select the account with money it it (which I have also done).

Try using it without transferring it... but make sure you got the congratulatory email from Uplink telling you that your rating has improved. I usually only hack 2-3 banks, and whenever I do I get that email and that is how I know the bank has given up. Once I used it immediately (needed a new motherboard) and the bank nailed me.

Ringwraith, on Jul 1 2005, 09:55 PM, said:

Once I used it immediately (needed a new motherboard) and the bank nailed me.
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Oh! so if you let the money sit for a while you can evade capture? sweet. I'd given up on stealing from banks. every time I tried, I was caught. Well then... I'll get right on this (of course, making a backup first...)

The way to evade capture is to remove all traces that would lead to the transfer of the money in either the stolen account or one belonging to you, and then make sure no trace can be made back to your gateway from the actual hacks involved.

If you really want to steal an assload of money, the way to do it is hack into the administrator account for a bank, get all of the account numbers and passwords, and then quickly go into each one, transferring the entire sum from each account into another one already there. Basically, you're framing some other guy, because all the money ends up in his account, but the real reason you're doing this is to pool everything is one place for the final transfer to yourself. Once all of the money from the bank is in one account and you've made sure you've gotten away with the hack (no need to worry about the transfers themselves, the money didn't go to you so you won't get in trouble), make yourself an account at that bank (it'll make it a lot easier to get rid of your tracks if it all happens at one bank), hack the pooled account, transfer to your new one, remove the transfer statement from both accounts, and cut the trail back to your gateway. Give yourself a bit of time to get away with the hack (Uplink will tell you), then if you want, transfer the amount to your Uplink account (you can do this legally), or just spend from there.

I did not intend to type a long post detailing the best way to steal lots of money from banks. But now that I have, I might as well post it and let you have the benefit of my wisdom, eh?

dear man,
can u show me how i can go about hacking bank. am doing this but then i dont understand it please show me and let us be businessmen.
i would be waiting for u.

Dear Boy,
I think perhaps you might want to start here.
If you still don't understand then there is no help for you in this world and you should dedicate yourself to becoming a construction worker and forget all about computers.


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