Ferazel Mini-sets

a working idea.

I've been brainstorming some interesting Ferazel level set ideas for a while now. I've been quite busy with school and my new job as of late and so I've only just gotten to posting this up.

Before I start I'd like to say that I may or may not execute these ideas. I say this because any time I spend hacking should be spent on my main level set, Jack's World. However, if other hackers decide to team up and work together on these "mini-sets" then I will dedicate a lot more time to it, that and if a lot of people voice their opinion on it.

The main goal I wanted with this idea is that I wanted all of these level sets to be small! I'm talking like, 1 level only and 2 levels tops. Just a nice (good) quick story to follow and a fast paced fun level. A big turn around from the original game. How one would go about packaging these mini-sets for download is debatable.

So without further delay here are the mini-set ideas:

Ferathon :
bzzzt You wake up in a strange glowing chamber. The lights quickly fade and all you can see is the soft glow of letters in the distance. You approach this strange site to find a question, "Did you make it? Everything intact? Good, it's time to get ready. The pfhor are closing in, we haven't much time."

I'd want this mini-set to be a Ferazel take on Marathon. You;d start in an abandoned fort and would battle your way through the "pfhor" armies to their ship. Their "ship" could be easily done and I've figured out a decent way to make a gravity lift. Terminals would be plaques, which would be occupied by a certain AI.
But why would Ferazel be in the marathon universe? Who knows, anything could happen! The pfhor could be attack Teraknorn or something, a plot would be worked out.

Music: Not sure.

Super Ferio Land :
The princess has been taken away from Ferio again! This time Ferio's gonna smoke the jerks ass!

This would obviously be a take on Super Mario. The main aspect would be that the level is designed like the classic mario levels. How would one do this? If you give BG tiles FG values then Ferazel can walk on them, but not climb them. Make a crunch tile with a power-up inside. Make it so the goblin chief can only jump up and down with tiles.
This would be quite an easy mini-set easy to do.

Music: Decided.

Double O-zel :
The world is in danger again! Time to take out the nukes, get the girl and have a little fun all at the same time.

This idea was mainly inspired by some music I have. This mini-set would involve a few puzzles a lot of avoidable battles (Stealthy!) and one very angry boss!

Music: Decided.

Ferazel's Myst :
This mini-set with basically be all puzzles and few battles, if any. It would go along the basic MYST story line: travel different planes and collect pages. This mini-set idea was inspired by the possibly of having the player jump onto a teleporter that was under a pedestal which had a book on it, the player would mosaic out and then teleport straight to the level exit giving the feeling that your were teleporting to somewhere else. The only draw back to this would be that the mini-set would have to have multiple levels in order to be decent.

Music: Decided.

Fancy Ferazel :
ZWOOOOOOSH!!! Fly past the dirt on the ground you reach the finish line just in time! Alas! There's yet another track to complete!
This idea was inspired by the game, Fancy Pants. I really want this to be a giant fast paced race level! Think about running up a ramp flying through the air then plunging into a stream only to find yourself out of it within a few seconds. There's really not much else to say about it.

Music: Not sure.

Santa-zel :
Ol'Sant aint so jolly any more! The elves lead by Mrs. Clause have formed a rebellion against you! #### them! Time to load up your "bag of toys" and give 'em HELL!
Haha, I really like this idea alot. Just a big shoot 'em up level. Lots of HP, MP and a whole lot of christmas magic!

Music: Not sure.

Feel free to post your own ideas.