Various versions?

What's most current?

Poking around online today, I discovered that Uplink from Ambrosia is at 1.3.4, the version available as a demon on the Introversion website is at 1.3.1, and the patch notes in their forums go up to 1.51. Anyone know what gives?

Is the 1.3.4(A) version the same as the 1.3.1(I) version? Or have there been more bug fixes/added features? And what version is up to 1.5.1, if that's not what's available to download?

Introversion version is up to 1.5.1, but secretly, we are working on bringing our version up. Enough said.

Not much of a secret, apparently...

:whispers into mrxak ears: Yeah, but it will take a few months. It might be good to cheer people up here on Uplink Boards for now, but not release everything.

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