lan problems

I am currently on a wireless LAN (or should i say "was") until my father changed the password on it...cuz im grounded off it <_< I was wondering how to hack the new password from the LAN connection.

Like whenever i try to connect it tells me to enter a password but i dont know it so I was wondering if there was any way to get that password.

Im brand new to this stuff so please make sense!

I dont know what programs i need but i have saminside if that will help.

Cheers 😄

How exactly does this relate to Uplink?

On an unrelated note, you're not Rickton's son are you?

Easy. Use the Password Cracker. It's in your Applications menu.

Hahaha. fabian_h, he's talking about real hacking. Clearly somebody didn't get the memo again.

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