M4D went Poof!

Hey I decided to get back to work on my ferazel level set. But when I try to load M4D (Mascot for dummies) the Page won't load. Is the page down? Is it going to come back up? Is there some one else who has it? Is there a downloadable version i can get? I don't think I'll be able to finish my level set with out it...

Here's the link incase you already don't have it:


Ok I now believe that www.ferazel.net is having some problems.

www.ferazel.net the link seems to be working but from there most of the links seem to be busted. Heres what's working and what's not.

Working: (pcheese.ferazel.net) (drtall.tripod.com) (members.lycos.co.uk/cozmo_01/xix/index.html)

Not Working: (return.ferazel.net) (ninthkingdom.ferazel.net) (extemporaneous.ferazel.net) (12days.ferazel.net) (cybergran.ferazel.net) (orthographic.ferazel.net) (xr.ferazel.net)

Other: The register link is down because you can register any more. (Register for what I don't know.)

When ever you click the web board link you get this message:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare htmlspecialchars_decode() in /home/.glick/ferazel/ferazel.net/webboard/functions.php on line 754

I'de really just like to know what's going on, and if in the very least I can get some of M4D. I hope it all comes back but I would really like to finish my level set and M4d has alot of information I need.

Ok time for a little good news! I was digging around the old threads and I found out the Pcheese along with some others wrote M4D and thankfuly Pcheese's home page is working! Also on his home page he has some downloadable guides for Mascot! Now I haven't tried them yet but I'm hoping they'll help! Thank you Pcheese!

Heres the link:

Now I'm wondering if I should contact Pcheese about M4D and the rest of ferazel.net...