Hacking the Goverment Mainframe

I haven't registered, so I'm a Intermediate, but notorious agent just looking for some fun.
I got more than 2 million credits so i've pretty much bought everything i can buy ( Damn, hacking bank accounts is just too easy.)
I fooled around with the goverment in LAN and found the mainframe (After that I found it in the internic link database, but whattaheck) Problem is, I want to hack it.... and i need the stupid administrator's voice.... and he's nowhere to be found!
As the Andromeda people, the admin isn't revealed anywhere.
Is there a way to find him or do I have to register first?


P.S check out, it's quite fun ^^

edit note: sry, got the numbers mixed up, here's the real adress

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There is no way to hack the government mainframe. The game doesn't set an admin.

Even if you did get in somehow, there's nothing there.