Framing for Bank Fraud

Not quite there yet

I am trying one of the frame a man for bank fraud missions, one from the BBS, not in the storyline.
I broke into the bank they gave me and created an account with his name. Then I broke into admin, found an account and password. I then transfered money between the two and deleted the logs in the statements. After that I disconnected. Reconnecting, I went to all the logs I had created (connected, logged on admin, accessed accounts, disconnected) and changed the from address to that of the guy I am framing.
I then cover the tracks of my second break-in. I speed up time and watch the news. There are two reports of the hacks. But nothing about the guy getting arrested.
Why can I not complete this mission? Is it possible that they have already passive traced past the bank by the time I changed the logs? There was only a minute or two at most, and it seems to take them hours to passive trace through just a few dozen links.
Please help.

Oh, I even tried their recommendation of using a proxy disable on the bank, with no monitor bypass so that they would start an active trace.