Updating Uplink version?

for windows

i noticed the v1.3.4 is for the Mac... is there an update for the windows or v 1.3.1 is last one?

is this site also for mostly mac os games?

Hi HAckz, and welcome to the boards!

Don't know about the latest windows version, but I can answer your second question:

Kind of. LOL

Some of ASW's newer software is cross-platform, but a lot of their older games are Mac-only.

For example, Ambrosia has released three versions of their Escape Velocity series, only the last of which is available for windows. So you tend to see a higher number of Mac users here than you would normally.

Two things:

  1. The latest release for windows is 1.3.1, the fixes recently are for problems with the mac version;

  2. Can I direct you to forums.introversion.co.uk/uplink?