How do i change the date!

I'm a beginner at this game....

I'm a new novic and needed to change some details for some one
when I replat the E-mail they send me back that I haven't changed the date!!

What do i do????

Well, you didn't tell any details, but for the Academic Database be sure to write the changes correctly. So if someone should get a Engineering Class 1 you have to write "Engineering, Class 1". Try to look for other accounts how you should write it correctly.

It's data not date. They mean completely different things.

Don't forget to click 'Commit' after you change the details in the International Academic Database.

Hi it's me again... 😄
allow me to be more specific

I'm a novic
I need to break to the academic database
and change some ditails for some one named alex gaskin
the details are
systems engineering
It dosent matter where i add the ditails
they replay me something abot the data....

If pleas some one could show me how to do that correctly

:blink: thanks

Easy step-by-step instrucitons.

Break in to the database.

Search records for Alex Gaskin

Once the files stop flying by and his appears (make sure it is his!) type into the graduate qualifications box the following words exactly as I have written them here:

Systems Engineering Class 1

If Systems Engineering is already there just change the 3 or 2 to a 1.

And don't forget to press 'Commit'

As I looked in the Database, you have to write

"System Engineering, Class 1"

This should work now.

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I did it!! :laugh:

But.... 😞
now on the next mission they want me to write to someone
named hatt hare a: first class degree

I've tried to write that in the same words but its mot enought!!!
help............ :mellow:

You can do a few different things.
If they have an existing degree, which is usually the case, just change the number at the end of the record of the degree to a 1.
EX: "System Engineering, Class 3" is the original record. Change it to "System Engineering, Class 1"
Or they may specify what he needs, or just BS it and type in any random degree.
Do the first one if you can, then the second and then the third if you are desprate.