ARGH! trouble with Mascot Editor v1.0d9

Self explanatory

Ok well I recently started messing around with Mascot Editor v1.0d9 and I have found a few problams I cant solve on me own.

1. How do I make spike balls go up and down? or back and forth like in the first lvl of ferazels wand.
2. How come when i put down some retracting spikes they dont go in and out?
3. Crunch tiles. When I put a crunch tile down, the FG tiles stay there when the crunch tile is broken. Leaveing ferazel walking through the FG tiles and then falling to his doom because of no floor. How do i make crunch tiles work?
4. I made a few walls with spikes (non retrackable) these walls are the left and right ones, and when ever Ferazel jumps on to one he falls through like they werent even there.
5. I'm haveing a bit of trouble with talking to people ive made a convorsation or two giveing them the ID numbers "1" and "2" and when ever i talk to the sprite it goes, "&#%#)ˆ?Š??ßß..." so yah what the hell?
6. I made a zirdim pool BR tiles and when i go into it, its acid (complete oposite) and there are no bubbles.
7. I put some pirana in some water and they die. <_< yah think about it...
8. When I use a teleporter it teleports me to some random spot on the map how do I use this system?

Ok well thats all for now... any help would be great and the read me doesnt open on my computer soooo yah hope to see who ever you are soon.

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1. You'll want to edit the spike ball's info fields. Hit command E while the spike ball is selected.
Info (0), the first one, is the type of motion. 1 is vertical, 2 is horizontal, 10 is circular, 11 is a pendulum, 12 is a 3D pendulum (Back and forth, like the ones in A Scent Of Peril), 13 is 3D circular vertical, 14 is 3D circular horizontal.
Info (1) is the distance the spike ball will go (in pixels). For a general idea of how far it'll go, remember that a single tile is 32 pixels.
Info (2) is the speed it'll go at. This is tricky to figure out sometimes, but you'll get a feel for it with enough practice.
Info (3) is how far into that cycle it starts at - Again, this is tricky to figure out, but trial and error can go a long ways with MASCOT editing.

2. Again, the info fields control this.
Info (0) doesn't seem to have a known use, you can ignore it.
Info (1) is how many ticks the spikes will stay out.
Info (2) is how many ticks the spikes will stay in.
Info (3) is how many ticks it starts into that cycle.
I don't remember how long a tick is supposed to be, but you get a feel for this too. Examine some of the retracting spikes in Teraknorn, and don't be afraid to just make test levels.

3. Unfortunately, I don't seem to understand the problem. A screenshot of the crunch tiles would be helpful.

4. You haven't set your FG tiles up correctly. "Define FG Tiles..." in the Tiles menu is where you want to go. 200 is a FG spike left wall, 201 is a FG spike ceiling, 202 is a FG spike right wall, and 203 is an FG spike floor.
You can also set how damaging FG spikes are by going to edit level info (command K) and putting a value in info (4). (Remember that info field numbering starts at 0) A single "unit" of health is 112 , two is 224, etcetera.
For future reference, "retracting" spikes with all info set to 0 (so they never go in or out) are usually used instead of FG spikes.

5. It sounds like there's not actually a conversation to go to - Go to "Select/Edit Conversation..." in the World menu. Conversations aren't my strong point, so I can't really help you much beyond that.

6. Go to "Define BG Tiles..." in the Tiles menu. Water is 200, Acid is 201, Lava is 202, Ziridium brine is 203, and pitch is 205.

7. This is also a bit hard for me to understand the exact reasoning of, so...

8. Another trip to the info fields... At the top of the box that shows up, it'll tell you the sprite ID. Sprite #45 of of 64, for example. Set info (0) to the sprite ID of the sprite you want it to teleport you to. So for linking teleports, you'll want info (0) to be the other of the two teleporters.

For future reference, there's a lot of information at MASCOT for Dummies, found at (Although I do miss the life live questions and answers brought to these boards.)

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