(Series Finale)

Ferazel has had a good run, don't you think? There aren't that many Ambrosia games with the level editor readily available. Mr Spees' game itself is indeed a masterwork. Ferazel's charm is in its oddball third party spinoffs. Having the game without having Extemporaneous, promises of OBW, and (most importantly ;)) Basic Nothingness is like not having the game at all.

Sadly, and almost a little unfairly, Ferazel has met its resting point. With some encouragement, it has the potential to go so much farther. No such advancement shall be made, I expect. The xenith of Xichra has come and gone.

With mediocre grades and a need to make every minute useful (contrary to my desire to sleep, eat, and waste time), my purpose here becomes more uncertain. Needless to say, crowd control on the Ferazel forums has not been necessary. I am a personality drifting between forums. And drift I do; I've wasted more time than is appropriate posting 'OMFG loloLOL!!!?1/!' to every new topic I see. I have better things to do: read, work on my music, get a girlfriend. Assume one post takes one minute of my time. 6200 posts * 1 min/post = 6200 min = 103.33 hr = 4.3 days of my life spent writing text in this tiny little box. This post alone has taken me 15 minutes, so this time is undoubtedly more.

This is too much. With an eye towards what I can do rather than what I could, I will resign as moderator of these forums at midnight, Sunday the 18th. Furthermore, I will not post messages after this time. Lurk, perhaps. I might even pop in for a special occasion. Argue with htjyang or Stark, nevermore.

I will naturally be overjoyed to talk with you on AIM or e-mail. Drop me a line.

I first signed on as a forum member 24 hours after andrew created the forums. 5 and a quarter years later, I rant on.

quid fles? quid optas? perdis operam. desine fata deum flecti sperare precando. rata et fixa sunt et magna atque aeterna necessitate du######ur: eo ibis quo omnia eunt. -- Aeneid , Book Six, Line 376
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I respect you needing to leave. But I still do not think that the boards are completely dead. Heck..if so..why resign? But I understand that you need to focus on other things for now. But for the's here for you if you want to come back. good luck, Spammie. Take care and do what you need to do for a happy life.


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And I am the WIRP bitch from forge's worst nightmare.
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Very understandable indeed, if Ferazel experiences some sort of magical renaissance I hope Basic Nothingness gets ported. You taught us all how to use Mascot and set a high bar for third party levels, and for those of us who never had participated in a web community, you served as an excellent role model of wisdom, clarity, and often underestimated, politeness. I wish you well on all your future endeavors.

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goodbye, spamguy.

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