Avara on iOS


Wishful thinking, I know. With all of the kerfuffle, piracy (boo!), and rights issues, I know it will never happen, at least in its original format.

Something similar could be incredible, if the controls are right. With game center and the power of the latest iDevices, it would work.

The closest I've seen so far is Air Wings. It's a blast, and quickly reminded me of when Avara came out. And seems righ up Ambrosia's alley. Or at least that old alley...

Ah, memories.


(drewe2000 on GameCenter, please look me up Avara foes and allies!)

I can't imagine trying to control an Avara-style Hector on my iPhone.

Also, speaking of Ambrosia's 'old alley'....

I haven't bought an Ambrosia product in five or six years. No more cool games from this shop, apparently.

Anyway. Apparently I have an email alert set to notify my when people post to this ancient forum. Who knew.

Yeah, Avara's controls would not work at all on an iPhone. Just too much for only a touchscreen to handle.

Minecraft has filled the void in my life where Avara used to be, especially my map creating desires... but it will never be quite the same.