I miss playing Avara.

Goodness, do I ever agree... it's been much too long.

It is good to see you again, old friend.

Likewise. I'm always up for some games, if anyone can host. I don't know if anyone can anymore.

I wish. But unfortunately, I have no way to run Avara anymore. I've been trying to find an emulator-based solution, but nothing has been forthcoming so far.

from: http://tracker.avara.com:20001/

The AvaraTracker at tracker.avara.com!

This tracker provides a list of currently active Avara servers.
For more Avara information, goodies, and chat, try the following links:
Avara Homepage Avara.Net Unofficial
Avara Downloads Avara Hotline Unofficial
Tracker game list downloaded at: 18:45:38 EDT, Sun Mar 21, 2010
Tracker has been running since: 19:54:24 EDT, Thu Oct 08, 2009
There have been 10 players on 8 servers since startup.

There are no servers registered with this tracker.
There have been no games for more than 2401 hours.
Someone checked the tracker 36 minutes ago.


I've gotten Avara to run in SheepShaver--can't seem to check the tracker from there though.

Yeah, ingame tracker access seems to be broken. The last few times I've played (I can't even remember when) we just connected directly to the host's IP.

I can help anyone who needs to get sheepshaver up and running for avara, just email me at gcondon@gmail.com or AIM gwiphan.

I've got Avara up and running in Sheepshaver. My only problem is the mouse aim. Every so often it jumps quite far to the side when the mouse hasn't been moved at all. Any ideas?

Other than that, I just need levels and some people to play with. 🙂

I sympathize.
You should consider investing in some old hardware. It's the best way to go.
I play all my old Ambrosia games natively in OS9. (Though I admit it must be a decade or so since I played Avara 😮 )

Just played 5 hours of Avara last night, donks.

If anyone can play Avara, we have a host.

You can PM me ur cell # if you want to be texted whenever we setup a server. Or if you have AIM u can be added to the AIM list too, for anyone interested!

I want 4 people so we can do some Symbiosis, nabs are welcome but the Sphinx will rock em!

Also, I have NUMEROUS used older model Apples that run OS 9 natively for sale if anyones interested, desktops and laptops.

Avara 1.0.1 didn't have the funny mouse out-of-screen problem (it was a fix for classic on OS X). Does anyone (A.) know if Avara 1.0.1 works well in Sheepshaver, (B.) not reality frag with 1.0.2, and (C.) have a copy?


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Jeeze, seeing all this interest as of late makes me wanna pull out my old G3 and dust the dang thing off. Might boot up CW5 and make a map or two for giggles 😛 As for a when a server is up, count me in for that. I haven't played this game in a decade! AIM - ichiboo