A Momentary Lapse of Resuscitation...


Staring at the walls and ceiling today, I ventured into the realm of past memories.
Memories of countless hours of goofing off with this @#$@ game. The first time of online gaming in 1996 on my PowerBook duo 280c and 14.4k modem on a server composed of players from Australia. I found myself contemplating whether or not it worked so hot under the classic layer of OS X - so I got an itch to want to play the bugger again.

So the question is..
Who's left of the people who remember the days before the clan wars, when the AA Collection was new, when MeshWork finally supported multi-colored objects.... when's the last time you remember booting the obnoxious noob off of your server multiple times and getting a kick out of watching them come back thinking their connection got lost for a second. ..hehehh. (...i didn't do it often, and only to the obnoxious ones. be nice to noobs - they're fun to keep around for target practice.)


Not I. When I started playing online, the clan wars were rolling along and the AA Collection was popular enough to be considered a required download (summer of '97 I think?). I do seem to recall the addition of color to meshWork though.

I'm still playing it! Even though I don't remember any of those things since I came after all the hype...sadly... Just message me or something I don't check the tracker that often since no one is really ever on it. There are a few people who would still play it if there was someone else to play with.

Oh, how I wish for those days again. My jump key finger spasming as I waited for the missile to get close...

They should really remake this game. Add a nice editor... instead of trying to hack stuff together.

Yeah, I made a few maps. I miss this game and the people who played it.

HAH! I remember playing this game in boarding school. I was in AA. I lived on the same hall as Bishopp and Kamakazi.


heh i still play it from time to time

I wondered for a moment if this lapse of resuscitation referred to the web board... I haven't played Avara in a long time, but yeah, it was pretty sweet. I definitely think a remake should be in the cards...

I suggest dropping by #avara.

Um, I remember when the AA collection was new. Heck, I remember being there when Ryan created Bwadi and was beta testing it. I remember playing on my LC 405, a 14.4k modem, and getting invited to join AA as the first ever modem-player (second overall). I remember Bishopp and Kamakazi as well, tagteaming biatches. And if they ever get the damn thing to run natively in OS X, you'll remember me coming back to whoop on your ass.

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I still lurk, hoping one day for a fun Internet game I can see myself spending 20 dollars on to play again. I remember when, late in Avara's life, I got the upgrade from 14.4k to 56k.
God, I didn't even have a credit card when I bought this game. I had to use my father's, and only after I got his permission. This game's been out for a while.
I guess the thing I miss most about Avara were the amazing levels, and fairly friendly playerbase. Maps by people like RedCap (wonder if he even remembers me, or noRegion) and MrSausage come immediately to mind.

If you haven't been around for more years than 8, I recommend checking out Aftershock, it was a fun addition to the original game.

Wish I had a Mac so I could play with you guys again. Oh well, back to FFXI.

Well, I'm pretty new to the game, had just discovered it's online capabilities in the summer of '05 (or was it '04?). Anyway, haven't played it in like a year, the tracker doesn't seem to be working anymore for me, unless there's a new one...or the game has shut down completely. But that doesn't make any sense. So here I am, wondering if it's still going and whether the tracker url was changed or something. Who wants to fill me in?

The Tracker's always up and accessible from in-game (though not always in the web-browser format). As The Apple Core said, if you have and IRC client, feel free to stop by #avara on irc.ambrosiasw.com. A few of us still play whenever we get a chance.

Yeah, I (omfg! there's no... letter in between f an s on this keyboar!) unno, the tracker's just not working for me...although I just rememberethat letter again that I use* to not be able to use it if I was sharing internet connection at the time, which may have been the case. Right now I'm using a ifferent computer so I can't check an fin* out. But to anyone who cares, expect me back on sometime this month if I ever get aroun* to it. Kayar shall return!

@the-apple-c-re, on Nov 28 2006, 10:46 PM, said in A Momentary Lapse of Resuscitation...:

I suggest dropping by #avara.

@-carlet--wordfish, on Jan 4 2007, 04:20 PM, said in A Momentary Lapse of Resuscitation...:

The Tracker's always up and accessible from in-game (though not always in the web-browser format). As The Apple Core said, if you have and IRC client, feel free to stop by #avara on irc.ambrosiasw.com. A few of us still play whenever we get a chance.

The tracker doesn't seem to work, but we still play. Just yesterday me, SS, Heero, and Angle'O Saxon played.

Someone should ask ambrosia for the tracker software and set up a tracker of their own. The ambrosia tracker doesn't seem to work.

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The tracker always works. You're just using the wrong address, nooblings.

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what's the right address?

hi groove. How'd you find this?

I will NEVER tell you. It is a closely guarded secret known to very few within the Avara community, and you have clearly proved yourself unworthy. Go play BZFlag.

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Thanks groove. BZFlag looks good.

I hope both of you were joking...

Go into Terminal.

Type 'host ambrosiasw.com'
It will give you an IP address. Feed this to the tracker.

I am very prone to falling out of games... I have a nasty habit of crashing my router with ethertap.

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