"Dark Horizons" at Pre-Release

Project report

Greetings, and salutations!

I come to you today to bring a message of hope to the Avara community. The ongoing "Dark Horizons" project is finally nearing completion!

Dark Horizons was a project established nine months ago to provide the surviving Avara players with a vast new resource of levels. It has been regularly contributed to by several people, including myself and Katana, and several notorious clans of old including The Kamakazi Guild, RiP, UFOs United, and Avengers.

Below is a list of several things Dark Horizons will feature:
• 96 levels -- 15 Solo/Co-Op, 81 Multiplayer!
• Of those levels, we have a proud total of 36 abnormal levels, including "Fields", created by the grand master Juri Munkki himself, and "Battlegrounds", Katana's greatest work, which incorporates amazing strategic warfare, for a ten-year-old game.
• "Small Elephant Runners", a shocking new spin on Avara gameplay.

The remaining levels are coming in, and it seems that we have a grand total of 6.5 megs for the entire package. The levels have been categorized into five distinct files, making finding your favorites a breeze.

Hopefully, the release will be near. We hope to have it finished and available for download within a month.

See you on Avara!

- §carlet §torm


Cool. I've got a few levels I made awhile back. Any interest?

Yayness! I'm looking forewords to it!

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