Avara Level Problem


So, like Sphinx, I'm working on an epic level right now. It has one area with a bunch of bsps that crashes whenever I get to it. It "unexpectedly" quits Avara. Should I remove some of those bsps? That'd probably solve the problem, but they're necessary to the level. What do you suggest I do?

Certain BSPs can crash Avara when the player looks at them. Depending on the amount of ram you have allocated, the bugs could be as harmless as blacking out your statusbar, or quitting Avara, to a systemwide crash. The crashes have to do with the way Avara handles BSPs. This would be a question for the programmer 😆

I'm not THAT informed on the subject, but I have experience with this type of thing. What are you using to make your models? Are they very complex? Usually when this type of thing happens, its because the models used are way too complex (ie too many faces for avara to handle). The tool I suggest using for custom 3d model design is Meshwork, as it is simple and powerful, and capable of easily creating simple shapes in less polygons than Strata or a commercial program.

Feel free to correct me on this one, anyone.


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U have to delete them

ive had similar problems where a BSP once looked at crashes. only way to fix it is to remove it.

you may not need to remove all bsps, it may just be a single bsp, it may be all the bsps that are the same bsp, or it may be every bsp.

IF before crashin ur instrument panel becomes the same color as the ground color of the lvl, then this means that you simply have too many polys in the vision field and must remove some

If its the latter, what the hell are you doin puttin so many polys in one spot, thats definetly not gonna be playable even at half those polys if its just crashin, for example see Hons's lvl Spiders.

Alright. Thanks. Problem is now fixed.

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