New level set released from SomeGuy!

A very close and personal friend of mine, SomeGuy (many of you may have heard of him!) has asked me to post a link to his avara level set on his behalf.

Titled SomeSet, it features the two award-winning (that's right, award winning!) levels Western Shootout and Asylum. These were previously only playable in Aftershock, but they have been ported to pure Avara so they can be played the way they were meant to be... and they are still damn fun.

There are also a bunch of other levels such as a gas station, an abandoned city and even a nuclear reactor. Something for everyone 😉

Two thumbs up!

Get it here.


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Western Shootout! That rocks-I've always wanted that to be available for Avara as of late.

Kudos to SomeGuy-this community is becoming quite active again.


Wow. Those are... Really good. I like them. Once the tracker's back up, we really ought to practice on levels like that. They're good. They're really very good. Did I mention that I like them a lot?

Peace out,

PS Yes, that was an offer to play with someone, no matter how badly I get trounced.

PPS Did I mention that they're good?

Oh, there's also a secret level... it isn't very hard to find, though.

And please note that he designed the novelty levels as a bit of a joke, and aren't meant to be something you'll play more than a couple times 😛

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Heh. I'm not trying to topic steal, but my set should be done in a month or so.
That is a pretty awesome set. As far as I know, it's been out for a while though. Are you sure it's a new release?

I got it, and am currently compiling a new kernel for about ten different reasons.

This is one of them. T minus however long it takes to compile this kernel and make Basilisk work right (stupid Ethernet interface).

EDIT: Finally got that kernel configured, and it is compiling. It better work.

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Katana !!!, on Jul 21 2005, 07:46 PM, said:

Heh. I'm not trying to topic steal, but my set should be done in a month or so.
That is a pretty awesome set. As far as I know, it's been out for a while though. Are you sure it's a new release?
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Most of these levels (excluding Petrol Station, Reactor and the secret level) were available in the set Nebula Radiation, but it was for Aftershock only.

This Avara set was made quite sometime ago, but SomeGuy only released it amongst some friends (which may have been leaked to you). This is the first time it's been publicly released.

It was leaked to me. I got a beta version. Someset B3.something
Anyways, I don't see any major differences.

Just so you know, I did play the secret level. It was good, too.

They're all really good. I liked the Petrol Station the most though.

EDIT: Errors in grammaticalness.

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My heavy hull doesn't like the supply of nades there, but that's probably not a problem for you =P

The road needs maniacs that go zooming by at 200 km/h. Then I'll feel quite at home.

Whatever is in the middle of the reactor level has quite a few polygons. If I do resolve my jumpy-$5-mouse-in-Basilisk and networking problems, I'll have to sit that one out for the good of everyone else in the game.

I have a poll to rig.

There is not much in the middle of reactor, but for some reason the game slows down when a large object is uh... lightable. That's what SomeGuy told me anyway. I haven't had any problems with it on my system.

You aren't emulating from a P III/550. For some reason, the simple redrawing capabilities of the emulated Mac are significantly slower than the capabilities of my Centris-so says Norton. Norton also said my emulated Mac is only 20% faster than a Quadra 700 processor-wise, so that might explain the slowness.