Spaceship Fighters!


I was looking through old sets out of boredom and came across a set called RayOn Fusion. In this set was a level that had spaceship you could fly on. You could fly by crouching and moving the hectors head around. Anyways, I thought that was awesome (I think it is deserving of that word) and decided to open up ResEdit to look at the code. It's very simple.

object Ball
shape = bspStandardFloor
scale = 1.29
mass = -58
y = (whatever you want-- in this level it was set to 2)

Basically, this works because the hector is picking up the ball (which is really disguised as a floor) and exploiting Avara's poor collision detection to make the hector float off the ground.
Hopefully someone could use this for awesomeness. Play Avara, or **** off!

P.S. I didn't type in what you think I did. I just typed in 4 stars.

EDIT: I guess spaceship fighters is a bit redundant. Oh well!

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Sounds a bit like Yhewargh from AS '00, and it's constant jump mode (not sure how that works), mixed with PC's Sabor Canela. Could you provide a link? (in there somewhere)

Another fun thing to do with a bsp standard floor is to make an animation using distributors, timers, and counters.

More level designing stuff coming soon!

Sweet. I'll have to take a look at that once I get off this Windows and back on to my G4 Cube after I get home.


I remember beta testing a level with Rup-1 which allowed players to travel on flying disks. It was an interesting level to play around with, but our efforts to play it against each other didn't quite work 😉 I don't think he did much more with it.

Yeah. I looked at the level a while back. The light hull was a blimp.

Weird... A blimp, you say?

Yeah. A blimp. Custom bsp for the head.

OK. I played it. That is an awesome level. Probably kinda difficult to play over the net on, but I think it'd be worth it. The design is kind of sparse, but I can easily understand why. Good level.

Which level?

RayOn Fusion's Magic Carpets.