Katana's Set


Preview of Katana's upcoming set --

§carlet §torm inspects Katana's latest level preview set.

Level set Name: Preview

Levels in file: 11

Greetings, all. This, as you know by now, is §carlet §torm. I shall be reviewing this preview edition of Katana's latest level set. Since it is unfinished, the material here cannot be taken into account; it is not only probable, but certain that these levels will be altered by the time of release.


The first level, Moribund, is a strangely-coloured level with a unique design, similar (although by no means identical) to Exile and Despairity (both from Emotion). It has a good general weapon and structure layout, although the colours are a bit garish.
Posted Image
Graphical: 3
Playability: 5
Overall: 4.5

Coruscate is possibly the most traditional level included in the set. It feels somewhat like "Granny Ooma" from Last Dance, but utilizes darker, less subtle colouring than most of the other levels in this set.
Posted Image
Overall, a strong composition.
Graphical: 3
Playability: 3.5
Overall: 3

Hypochondriac is a level similar to Bwadi, overall. The dark indigo shades and ammo setup , from my experience, are good.
Posted Image
Graphical: 3.5
Playability: 4
Overall: 4

Digression is a very "lemony" level. Due to its size, it would be a good choice for a duellist level.
Posted Image
Graphical: 3
Playability: 4
Overall: 3.5

I think I'll stop, now, before this review degrades more than it already has-Katana himself would probably be a better choice to write the text, here. Know he would, really. Hopefully, though, y'all will appreciate the pictures.

-§carlet §torm

I hope that nades are easily accessible to my heavy and plentiful enough.

To AC: I'm sorry to inform you that there won't be excessive ammo for your heavy hull. I suggest switching to a light or medium hull for my levels.

To everyone: I think I'm taking Coruscate out of the set. It's too boring. I'll post a dl of it up here soon, so you people can do whatever you want with it. You can even erase my name and put yours as the level designer 🙂
I won't copyright the set or anything, but be nice.

Dude, You need to stop incessantly ripping levels out of your set just because you don't like them. Just leave every one you make in the set. If people don't like them as much as the others, you won't have lost anything either way. Downloading a few extra megabytes of levels isn't going to kill us. We may actually LIKE them. Imagine that!


Fine. I'll leave it in the set.

YOW! eyes pop out of skull in a very cartoony way Those are awesome! They look like the stuff in the Codex, only... somehow different! Post the download, that I may praise your talents further!

Hehehehe. I AM redoing coruscate because it's too unoriginal. Q-Lok, though it pains me to say it (because I just love praise), you'll have to wait like everyone else. The levels shown here are mostly done, but others have MAJOR clipping problems. Also, the version I sent to §torm is VERY out of date, meaning that I have lots of new levels. 🙂

Coruscate seemed original enough to me-it wasn't completely and mind-numbingly revolutionary, but there's nothing new under the sun.

-§carlet §torm

I WANT this set to be revolutionary, that's the point. I want this to be new stuff. And like I said, your version is out of date. Coruscate is MUCH better now in my opinion.
Also, as a sort of sneak preview of my style, I will be releasing a short 4 level set called Mauenetane.
Muanetane reminds me of Crystalline by Silverfox. Thallium is sorta like...Andatchenone by Mondo. Alkaloid is sorta like Volimnous by Silverfox. That's all the levels so far. And they are buggy, so they aren't ready for release.