Don't Take Games Too Seriously

Avara-related Article

I have created this article to speak about an issue that I have discovered myself encountering on multiple occasions, and, it is safe to assume, everyone has met at least once. This is for myself as much as anyone else.

Avara is only a game-you're not going to die if someone else thrashes you. If you do lose, do so graciously-don't whine about it. (Verbally or mentally.) If you prevail, you have some amount of time to gloat about it-no more than until the next battle, though.

If you lose, you should look back, think over what you messed up on, and try to fix that problem. If you win, you should improve what worked and think of the tactics the enemy used that did-or could have-worked.

There isn't much room, even with Avara on the rise, for an overly-competitive spirit. We must each improve our games-and assist new comrades in their progress. An Avara Academy wouldn't be such a bad concept, really. Players of all generations must bind to bring this game into glory. Well, compared to how it has been, anyway.

For the Cause. Long live Avara!

-§carlet §torm

Hehehe. Sphinx sure takes the game seriously. It's funny when he loses. I hardly ever beat him, but when I do, he practically throws a tantrum. :laugh:

If I wipe him out, he calls the level the worst one ever.

Cripes. I stink at Avara. I stink royally. But hey, I admit it! And y'know what? I still have fun. I don't personally know anybody like that, but this guy Sphinx, he sounds like something of a whiner... Or at least a person with something less of a life than even me. Scary. I agree with you guys, though. It just isn't worth getting riled up over. Besides, if not for Avara, I never would have, er, "met" you guys. That by itself is worth it: good companionship and good times.

finishes Whew. Well, keep talking; I'm done ranting.

Sphinx has played quite an active role in the avara community. If you look at older topics in the forums, you'll see him making an ass out of himself. He's a complete idiot by the way.