stop bein LAZY folks

switch to OS 9
play some avara
switch back


i'm not a soccer star yet but i'll beat yew in avara

Oh, and one more thing. A lot of you with cable connections think that the game is dead because nobody joins your servers.. this is because you are behind a router which blocks people from connecting to your computer. This is why you should try to connect to a mega server (edgar hons or vince), because thats where most of the people will hang out and get together, so that you can find a few opponents to fight...

like right now there's some dude "Sinister Dexter" who's got a server open but nobody can join it because he is behind a firewall or something ... theres a bunch of people with cable connections who cant host so we gotta wait for someone who CAN host to show up.. most often thats vic now since edgar is banned

i'm not a soccer star yet but i'll beat yew in avara

I don't think it has much to do with lazyness - more with loss of interest.

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Well, for me, not so much "loss of interest", but gain of interest in other things... That happens when you start college, jobs, and such...

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