Avara II aka Carbon Soul

If any of you don't already know, Avara II is in the works. A guy who hosts some of my 3D artwork at (url="http://"http://www.meteorarts.com")http://www.meteorarts.com(/url) has announced that he is working on Carbon Soul, a sequel to Avara. He's posted some pictures of a nicely textured Hector in the gallery under his name, Kyle. Enjoy!

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Interesting..... I suppose it will be written for OS X, since the name is Carbon Soul....
But where are the screenshots? I'm curious as hell!

Welwell.... very good that some guys finally come together to be a little ambitious.. Keep it going, and i will support it!

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As a reality check here - there has been talk of doing this for YEARS now, and while I've seen screenshots and models mocked up, I've NEVER seen anything close to a working game, let alone a beta that needs polishing.

So - while the shots are pretty, until I see proof of something other than the easily done 3d model with a bit of texturing- it's not really a game then is it?

Here's hoping that actually do get it working. I hope they also have a good lawyer.

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As a matter of fact Taz!, he does 😉 But I (Kyle) don't need one. My team and I are trying our fastest to make a somewhat playable demo to show to Andrew Welch, so that we can continue, from that point on, under AmbrosiaSW. I have inquired to Andrew about doing this, don't worry. He was the one who asked for a playable demo before he commits to anything. Which is expected since, like you stated, people have been trying to make one for years.

That is a high-rez version of the demo model I will soon be working on. Our engine programer, has made a small modeler for me to use, and is making very good progress on everything else. Our network programer, is just fixing a few bugs in the networking area, and will help with the main programer. Then we have 3 concept/modeling/texturing artists at work, constantly making little doodles, in hopes they can be used in the game. 😛

PLEASE, DON'T expect anything more on this for a VERY long time. Yes, we are working as fast and as hard as we can, but remember, game designers have real lives too ;). An please, don't flame or ask questions to anyone who you think is working on it, or people who you may know for a fact are, it will only bog down the proccess of our working on the actual game. Thank you.

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that looks cool!

i hope it has good gameplay too 😉