Shootout at Midnight - Published!

My first Avara story, (url="http://"")Shootout at Midnight(/url), has been published on the (url="http://";=*Avara+Chronicles&number;=24&DaysPrune;=20&LastLogin;=")Avara Chronicles!(/url)! Since it's my first story, and I wrote it a while ago, it isn't extremely good. However, I'm planning on publishing several more Avara stories in the weeks to come, so keep watching for them! I definitely think a new Avara story is what this place needs.


-Captain Carnotaur

To Escape Velocity: Nova and Beyond!
Millennium. Its coming, prepare for it.
Coming to the (url="http://"")EV Chronicles(/url).

Good Job Captin Carnotaur. 🙂