Speed Avara...

Welcome to the Speed Avara topic.

What is that? Please brag your fastest times for the avara solo levels. I was going to say be prepared to supply screenshots of your accomplishments... as verification, but we'll go on the honor system.

What that means is, only people with honor should submit times.
Those without honor (i.e. expired, hacked, eternally unregistered) should just stay away. Really.

I'll start off. I once (maybe twice) finished Arctic Research (the last solo level) in 1:31 seconds without losing a life. How?

Ignore all of the UFOs, except for the orange ones under the ramps.
Kill those two and the doors to the bay open.
Run as fast as you can inside, and hide behind the one in the middle of the floor, shooting the guards until they're gone.
Then pick off the front domes, then the back domes, then finally the center floor one.

Anyone else? Step right up...


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Well for Arctic Research I think my fastest time is around 1:09. I used a light and ran around to the right of the start killed the two UFOs useing all my amo and self distructed. Once I incarned I ran at the now open doors, distroying the first experiment as I ran (you can shoot them even though you can see them) with plazma. Then I blew the other 4 with nades and missles. 🙂

Circular number lines: dare I say, "Wow!"

My record on Arctic Research Lab is 1:27, using the same basic strategy as Taz.

Someone beat THIS record: Boake Maze in 4.35 seconds. Of course, that was using a stripped down HECTOR and superjumping over the wall, but still...

My record on Testing Facility is 1:15.77 I don't believe I fired a single shot, save for a switch or two.

How about Rescue? Can anybody beat 54.46? I prolly just charged at everything, self-destructing after running out of ammo.

Here are some other of my best times; how you do compare?
Testing Facility - 1:15.77
Syoal - 1:07.45
Training Grounds - 25.72
Training Grounds 2 - 25.98

My record for Boak maze was 7 seconds, gotta love super jump.


Hi there,

Outland Run -- 1:07.71
Training Grounds -- 24.96
Training Grounds 2 -- 19.39

Other than those, my times are not too good =).



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This brings back memories of the time I tried doing training grounds as fast as I could a long time ago...ah, the things you'll do to relieve boredom.

Anyway, I couldnt quite beat Rup's world record just now, but I did manage to equal D'Keeper's time of 25.72.


I beat practice run in 19 seconds once. It's not hard, you don't have to actually do the course. Be a light with no weapons and run right for the teleporter

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Training Grounds: 35.45

Training Grounds: 31.8

Boake Maze: 5.82

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hey taz!

cool idea, wish ida thought of it 🙂
fastest time in rescue, 32 seconds and change.

heres how.
1. abort first hull as fast as possible!!! ( you can abort before you fall more than a pixel or two if you practice it enough)
2. second drop is closer to pylons, running towards ship fire all missles and a couple laser blasts at far right pylon then grenade closest pylon and the furthest, abort second hull before third pylon is hit.
3. last hull takes out last two pylons, tough because the ufo's are all hitting the ground between you and them. then run for where the teleporter will appear and be in it when it does ( scout view will be helpful here)
4. oh ya, park a finger on your booster button, but only take as many boosters as you will use ( 3?) to pick up a half step in speed.

i remember playing around with the hull configuration a lot to trim off time. heavier hull to get enough grenades and missles, but drop any boosters you wont need. iremember wanting desperate to break 30 seconds.... you do and ill by the beer 🙂

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I can pass Training grounds in 23 seconds and training grounds 2 in about 26 seconds.

I passed desert base in three minutes once, too.

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