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So, I said to myself, I said: "It'd be fun to play some Avara. I haven't done that in a while. And there's that handy thread right here on the Ambrosia UBB that tell me what levels people are playing. ("I want to get back in the game")

I checked that thread. I headed off to I found the download section. I checked their monster pull-down "pick what you want" menu. I selected "Essential Avara levels and files", thinking that they'd been kind enough to assemble the frequently played stuff into an archive. I clicked the download button.

I got Aftershock.

I didn't want Aftershock. I wanted the levels. So I went back to the menu. I picked AA collection from the menu. ..

"File not found"

I tried AA Deux.

"File not found"

Am I an idiot, or is the ftp server (or the CGI that calls it) whacked?


Had I gone further before ranting, I would have discovered that AA Tre worked just fine.

Yo, web people! Your download menu tells the CGI to send aa_normal, but it's called aa_collection on Likewise, the menu calls for aa_duex, but the ftp server has aa_deux. You listenin'?

Just trying to help. 🙂



Ian the Terrible wrote:
Yo, web people!

Perhaps that would be better dealt with if you posted it to's web board?

We're (slowly) working on descriptions of the levels here at in the add-on files section. We will also be adding the more commonly played level sets to the essentials list.

I'm not sure about combining them all into one downloadable archive- that might be too large to bother with, especially for people on slower modems.

Still, I do want you to know things will be getting better around here, just give us some more time...


Well, you could always just download from the new archives at

Hopefully the admins will get the files all described soon, but everything should be there at least. If it's not, upload it! 🙂

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc. is fine. It works well, except there are those occasions when the host server is down. What do you get for a cheap hosting service for only $2/m and a DS3 connection. However, I love the design layout of, and the forums are always active there.