Are Clans still a big thing?

Oh, I'm just starting topics like wildfire. (Maybe it's because my IE5 topic in Just Chat fell flat...)

But I gotta know: (B(Are(/B) clans still a big deal? I fired up Avara for a couple hours earlier, and it seemed to run about 30/70 as far as clans/not clans.

I've never really understood the point of clans in the first place, so jump in and tell me what I'm missing...


Clans always justified their existance by saying they fought wars, except for ones that didn't, but that just begs the question anyway. No, there never was a point, except, in some rare cases, to help bootstrap newbies up to decent levels. It's a psychological phenomenon, we like to have something to be loyal to...

As for clans being gone ... they're still around. Many people have stopped wearing tags, but the clans are still there. HDG still exists, as does AA. Gzr remains, as always, the collection of literally the most mature. IVHA, c9, JC, and a few others still have at least one active member. Every once in a while somebody happens upon a legacy and tries to restart an old newbie clan like ?, but those are usually quietly discouraged.

Yeah, clans still exist. My advice is stay out of them. Make yourself known as an individual.


D'Keeper wrote:
As for clans being gone ... they're still around. Many people have stopped wearing tags, but the clans are still there. HDG still exists, as does AA. ..

Just wanted to say that AA is not a clan, but a group of players who all have fast connections, good atttitudes, and are challenging to play. Not a clan, we don't have a leader, we don't put anything after our name, none of that, we just have a good time.



I know that, Kniq. The same holds true for half the others I listed too. Clans, groups, gangs, corps, religions, associations, affiliations, corporations, independent nationsЕ it's all the same in the long run. IMHO. No offense intended to anyone.

The idea behind clans - which is what they're called here - is to play games, usually tournaments, as a group, or to create levels as a group. To make it easier to find each other, they'd add tags to their names - usually something with ASCII, like Ж<pi><pi>Ж or //<sum> Sьз|<.

Since many of the people who form and join these clans are indescribable dolts, they invented 'clan wars', saying that it's a wargame after all. A clan war is where one clan plays against another, and nobody except the people in those two clans knows or cares about it. Usually there is much bragging by the winners of the little tournament, but since all their friends are in their clan... you get the point.

Then because people thought clans were stupid, they created 'groups', or whatever else Avara-politically-correct crud they wished. Usually these were identical to clans in every way, except that they more often did what clans are for in the first place, which is to play or create as a group.

Today, there aren't enough people to have any decent clans. There are a few fools who wander aimlessly through the Tracker, asking people if they want to join, usually mere seconds after they know that aforementioned people exist. What are you missing? Probably very little - as far as I know, there are no REAL clans left.