Avara Collection II

Has it occured to anyone that a second Avara Collection is long over due?

IMHO, it's so long overdue that it's too late. We have the AA collections, the geezer sets, silverfox's horrible stuff, and that's all that anybody plays (well, you also have Ty's dime-a-dozen levels, which I guess are played a little). No sense in combining these already existing collections into new ones. As for other good but unplayed level designers (you come to mind, RC), a collection of their levels would be equally unplayed. No, I don't think there's any reason to have another official Avara Collection.

(RC: if you want to get together with me so maybe we could make an unofficial set of GOOD levels by unheardof artists, let me know. I doubt there are enough to make it work out, though.)

let's make a level set.

I think that there is enough new, good level designers to make a new set, and if there was enough promotion and enough people entered levels (including the established level designers, who would probably enter with the promotion), it would work. Lets make it! 🙂

Whoa, there's an Avara Web board????
There are tons of good old levels that I'm sure no one plays anymore.. I used to have a complete set of levels from uhhh 94?-96 I believe. MAYBE to 97, but I'm having trouble breaking the code (I'm no good) anyways, cheers!
Just take like the Box Set. Maybe the Oberon 1 or 2.0 I forget which was better, Definitely Spam levels!! those were the greatest.
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raises an amused eybrow

geezer sets?


achilles wrote:
**raises an amused eybrow

geezer sets?**

Taz! stands from his wheelchair, grabs the nearest cane - shakes it in the air and mumbles:

Yes, geezer sets...