The witnesses guild

I am looking for the old players to join the witnesse guild. The witness guild isint a clan it is a group of people who watch the fights and wars when asked to. We watch and we tell the truth of it to who ever asks to hear it. We will not fight under the witness guild.

Please do join.

Rule 1: We will watch a fight when asked.

Rule 2: We will not get involved in the actuall fighting. We will not interfear.

Rule 3: We will not lie about what we have witnessed. We will tell the what we have seen in the whole truth.

Rule 4: We will not takes sides in the fight.

Rule 5: We are in control of what the fight is. What level played. What the game sets are. What the teams are. And what the penetys of a disconnect is.

Rule 6: We will host the fight no matter what.

All who wish to join may join freely just put a ' after your name and do not fight under the witnesses name.

The idea of the guild is becuase so often 1v1 games and fought over and never done. same wiht team fights. Some tiems one side wants a team fight and the other side wants 1v1 also sometimes a wars rules are never heard by a outside and the rulkes then become distorted. Please join anyone. just remember you do not shame us when you lie or break the rules, you shame yourself.

Ah to the Shadow I embrace, I become of.