Poor, neglected Avara. . .

It's been almost a week since anyone posted here. It's the least popular of the Ambrosia boards. . . what's with Avara? Is it overshadowed by Ferazel and EV? Not as good a game as Ambrosia's others? If I could get anywhere other than dead in Avara I might know. . .


I'm waiting for the day when "this side up" arrows appear on grocery bags.


not everyone is dead.

some of us old-schoolers are wondering why andrew, zebe, and vetere post
messages, but don't show up in avara-land to get their butts kicked by
us. 🆒

F. Yu

if you have any comments, bring them to the battlefield and i'll feed
them to you in small bite-sized pieces.

Well... Avara still has a lot of quite active chatrooms and channels, plus the unofficial webboards at Avara.org receive a bit more traffic than this one does. Look for me on the Avara tracker - I'm always happy to help train newer players.