Black & White HECTORS!?

Hey, I know I am going to sound like the painfully stupid newbie that I am, but I have heard rumers, and even seen picts of black and white hectors. Is it just a joke? Are they real? If they are actually real, then how do I get one? Iquireing minds need to know.

Servack (also known as Andrew the Red)

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Yes, they are real. To get them, you must have registered. (If you attempt to hack your copy to get access to them, you WILL be sorry. But then, I'm sure you'd never do that.)

After registering, simply put two spaces after your name to make your HECTOR black or three spaces to make it white.

Best done only in FFA games - it tends to annoy one's partners when they can't tell one's colour.

Are their other coulours ?

Not normally, but with the Ares Scorekeeper plugin and certain levels, the colors are different than normal. Other than that, there are only 8 colors available. (6 for unregistered users)


Don't forget, the two/three spaces only put a black/white layer of paint over your Hector. There is such thing as a black/white team - you still need to select one of the other six colors to determine what team you are on.

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