Reality Fragmention

What does "Reality Fragmention" mean? It can mean someones cheating. But what else can it mean?

It can also mean that someone is playing with a different version of Avara than you. A way to fix this kind of Frags is to ask everyone to go to (url="http://"") and download the latest version. While I'm here I'd like to say that if everyone would just stay up to date, we never would have Frags. So get on the ball people!!! Anyway, I hope this fixes your problem.

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Reality Frags, IIRC, are similar to a Out of Sync error in Myth or Marathon. Something's switched in the sending of information between computers so that the game is different for each person. Not much you can do except reconnect and hope.

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There is one cause of reality fragmentation that is much more common than the others. It involves the key that Avara 1.0.1 calls "Debug 2" in the keyboard setup. This key supposedly switches between whether or not your sights will move to reflect your personal momentum.

Supposedly. Unfortunately, there's a bug in Avara. The sights change the way that some weapons actually fire, slightly. Now, since it changes the setting for everyone in a game, you don't immediately have problems. But if someone who is currently set for the "real targetting" plays someone who is not, then frags are guarenteed to result as soon as you have a near miss of someone (they will get blown in a different direction by the different aiming, causing the two machines to get out of sync).

Solution: restarting Avara resets the crosshairs to their default setting. Be sure you move (or remove) the key to where you will never hit it accidentally.

It can also mean someone's cheating.
For example, if you see someone shooting off a never ending stream of missiles, (As I have been known to do before.. grin), then you'll be getting frags..

But you don't need a frag warning to tell if someone's cheating. There are much more obvious ways. Like when you see someone dancing around spinning in a circle while tossing dozens of grenades everywhere. (done that too.. grin)

The point is: You can usually tell cheating, but for the most part, frags are innocent. 😉

Actually, you'll never see any of those things. Only the cheater sees them. (If you saw them too, then there wouldn't be any frag messages, only a cheater.) In general, if one attempts to modify one's Avara program to give one, say, infinite grenades, then the other person's program, doing the same calculations as the cheater's, will get a different result, creating two different "realities".

I repeat, you will NEVER experience someone cheating. My hull is NOT indestructible; the people shooting at it just have lousy aim. 🙂 If I frag when I enter your server (no longer addressing anybody in particular), it's your own fault for setting Debug 2 and Jump to the same key. 🆒

Actually, the other players saw my missiles.
I think the frag happened when my computer said I had 5 missiles left, while the other players thought I should be empty.

I heard score plugins can cause reality frags ,is that true ?

I heard score plugins can cause reality frags ,is that true ?

It's been a while since my last multiplayer Avara game, but the last time I saw Reality Fragmentation, I thought it was because a certain player had a very slow machine. If I remember right, he was using a IIci... (I was on a Powermac 5500/250 at the time) I guess it could have been the active sights thing, but I don't know. As far as I know, not many people knew about that back then. (I could be wrong, but I certainly hadn't heard anything about it.)

BTW, this was a couple years ago. Long before 1.0.1 came out. In fact, I think EV:O still hadn't arrived yet...