Possible bug in multiplayer Ares

Anyone able to test if a bug exists?

From #147 (Neutral death (maybe) causes crash in net game):


Here's a bug that I think exists:

Assume an asymmetric multiplayer level; call it "Yo Ho Ho Net". Both are playing the same race, and have set each other to different colors. One player starts with a liner that is marked "kNeutralDeath"; the other player doesn't have one. If the pirates succeed in neutralizing the liner, then I believe their game will crash, because they loaded the sprite to display the recolored liner, but not a neutral liner.

At a minimum, the following would be necessary to trigger the crash:

  • The opposing player is set to a different color (because they are the same race).

  • The object has kNeutralDeath and kCanThink, but not kIsDestination.

  • The object has a sprite but no spriteIDOverride.

  • Only the opposing player has the ship.

  • Nothing exists that could otherwise change the owner of the ship (like special EVATs).

...if the bug exists, it's no wonder that no one ever triggered it; there are a lot of prerequisites. On the other hand, "Yo Ho Ho Net" sounds fun :)/>/>

The level does sound interesting.
If you upload the level, I could test for the bug in soliloquy mode (Two Macs, an ethernet cable and a beer).

Er, how did you manage to find this bug, i wonder...

I was looking through the code and didn't find anything that would load neutral-colored sprites for ships with kNeutralDeath. (I think through later investigation I determined that it would probably result in a wrong-colored ship rather than a crash)

I don't have a level to test with. It's really not such a huge issue, and even if it exists it's fixed in Antares now.