So I remade Ares' Soundtrack

and I'd like to share!

Hey all. I've always loved Ares, and when I wasn't playing, I was listening to the music. As someone who's always loved tinkering with Garageband, I realized it was within my skills to create a respectable recreation of Targetron. I had so much fun making it, I decided to recreate Yesterday, then Technobee, then Getalong, and just like that, I'd started on the whole soundtrack. I've been sitting on it for a while, due to my laziness in incorporating drums and such, but now, it's reached a stage of completion where I'm ready to share it with anyone who's interested!

Download Link:

Now, these songs are subject to change, especially Getalong (which I've labeled as a "sample" despite being full length, due to how lazy I was with the percussion), so this is by no means the final product. It's just reached the point where I'm satisfied enough to show you what I've done with my free time.

Comments, criticisms(!), requests are all appreciated. Enjoy!

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Hah, neat. Ironically, just this week I implemented Issue 107 (Support original MADH music). I don't know if it would be useful to you, but in order to do that I converted the songs to s3m format, which is more commonly readable by modern software; they're here.

Sadly, Garageband can only read midi files, so this isn't directly useful to me (at least, to recreate the music). Still, though, it's useful to have these, seeing as I'm planning on moving more and more to my Windows partition — sound editing software for Windows, in comparison to Garageband, is generally a little more... expandable.

Thank you!