Antares release soon

Hi, all,

I've ordinarily tried to get out a release out on 2 Nov, the anniversary of the open source release of Ares. It didn't happen on time this year because I was without power some of last week due to hurricane. Should be out later this week, though. I'll start a new topic when it's ready. There are a bunch of improvements waiting to be released.

Holy cow, you're still working on this? That's awesome. Once the new release is out, I'll give it a spin over Thanksgiving.


I do not foresee a point at which I stop working on Antares, but there's a lot of variation over time in how much I do. Late October is usually a heavy time. Following is the best way to know what's happening; all posts to the issue tracker get sent there.

OK, a release candidate:

This release only works on 10.6+, because I can't build for earlier systems on my current machine. It's also likely that it won't work on all machines, because I moved a lot of the rendering tasks into OpenGL and GLSL. However, assuming it does work, it should be a fair bit faster.

Nice to see an on-going commitment to Antares. I'll give this release a test drive shortly 🙂
Will the earlier pre-10.6 build continue to be available also?

If you're asking whether 0.5.1 will still be available, yes, I don't have any intention to remove it. I'll have to figure out some way to advertise that it's still available. If you're asking whether I'll make a 10.4 build of 0.6.0, probably not. I don't have the means to do it myself, and it's probably not trivial to make, since I've been developing against 10.6 for a while.

Nice to hear it.
I was referring to 0.5.1 alright. I wouldn't expect builds of the current version for old systems though!
I was dragged kicking and screaming onto 10.6, have successfully mostly skipped 10.7 - i like to hang on as long as possible to whatever OS I've become used to! I kept OS 9 going partly because of Ares 😉

Fantastic. I've always loved this game.

Two quick questions:

Firstly, is there a change-list of some sort for the newest release?
Secondly, do you (or anyone) have the MADH music files from Ares? I have the original game files, as well as the ones downloaded from the source code, but have been unable to find them with a decent amount of effort.

When I finalize a release I put together a list. I pointed to the list of FixPending bugs in the first post; those will be in it. It's mostly bugfixes and improvements, the one exception being that you can now right-click to select a target.

Anyway, that reminds me, I should finalize the release. I was sort of hoping that either someone would say they can build for 10.4 or that no one would say they use 10.4, so as to minimize the chance that I leave users behind. Since the latter happened, I'll proceed without guilt.

Was just about to finish this up when I found a bug :(. Appears to happen randomly, and only in Shoplifter 2. Tomorrow?

I know I'll check in.

Got it. It was a reflex of Issue 122. Release announcement at http://www.ambrosias...howtopic=131971