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Also, I'm updating my ancient Ares FAQ from a long time ago. It doesn't contain ship and weapon stats at all and I'd like to get my hands on them. Unfortunately, I don't have access to Classic to open up Hera or the Ares Race Guide and I know zilch about programming to try cracking open source code to look. Is there anyway I can get this information for my guide?

Yes, this data is available, though not in a nice format. There's a git repository containing basically the same data that Hera would have exposed in derived/Objects/.

For example, here's the Ishiman Cruiser. You need to know that the Ishimans have race=100 and standard cruisers have class=200. This will get you cost, shields, speed, and turn rates. Figuring out damage is more involved; the data sheets in the game use a heuristic to guess it (consider for example the Cantharan Gunship or Audemedon Carrier to see why it might be a non-trivial calculation).