[Xsera] Question to Ambrosia

I don't know who from Ambrosia will end up fielding this question, but here it is:

Although Ambrosia didn't strictly "make" Ares, they are the "publishers" (I don't know if that's the correct term for it but I hope that makes enough sense), and as such have their logo on the first screen of the product. Even though Xsera is less a product of Ambrosia (as they're not contributing to it or selling it), should Ambrosia's logo be displayed on the product? If Xsera turns out to be a faithful port of Ares, I don't see why Ambrosia wouldn't want their logo on it. On the other hand, they may not want Xsera to be under their company's metaphorical umbrella - especially if they don't like the end product.

Please let me know what your decision is on this.


While Ambrosia is responsible for the game Ares, i would like to point out that Xsera is not something being created by any Ambrosia employee or sub-contractual programmer.

Ambrosia had offered Nathan Lamont the go-ahead to release the source code in the hopes that the Ares fans could take this information and create the items they had been hoping to see. While Ambrosia is sorry that we couldn't devote the time to creating these clever ideas, we truly hoped that this would show the fans that we still cared, and wanted them to continue to enjoy this classic game, and items based around it's central idea.

With that I would like to point out that even if Xsera has the Ambrosia logo on there, it really should be given the "Based on the original game Ares by Ambrosia Software" treatment on that page. I fear that there could be some confusion of having the Ambrosia logo and people thinking that the product is somehow created by us, or we offered something in it's creation.

I would like to point out that this product will not receive help or assistance from Tech Support.

So, to those creating it, perhaps it would be best if you add the statement that is based on an Ambrosia Product, and not truly an Ambrosia product.


QUOTE (MagnusApollo @ Aug 24 2009, 08:52 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

it really should be given the "Based on the original game Ares by Ambrosia Software" treatment

Thanks for the speedy reply, MagnusApollo. Your answer was simple and to-the-point, yet it addressed almost everything on the topic of Xsera-Ambrosia relations of any kind. A "disclaimer" of sorts will be added when the Ambrosia logo is added with the effect of what you said above, along with a statement saying that Xsera is not made by Ambrosia, Ambrosia will not give support for Xsera, and Xsera's creators are not affiliated with Ambrosia.

If you'd like, I can also present any published products with you guys to get a thumbs up or a thumbs down, if that makes anything easier.

Again, thanks for the swift reply. On behalf of the Xsera team, I would like to say that we want to fully cooperate with any requests or issues in this matter and any other reasonable and simple requests that Ambrosia has regarding Xsera.

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