Ares over LAN


Ive been trying to get Ares to work over LAN using two PCs with the Basilisk II emulator (its legal-I got the ROM file off of my real mac!) running OS 8.1 with no luck. Both computers are configured with tcP/IP and able to get online in the emulator. I tried creating a TCP/IP game and joining on the other computer by putting the host's IP adress as the host name and putting both computers on the same port, but it just never finds the host when it is searching. Ive tried hosting o both computers with the same result. I dont know how to set up an apple talk zone, so the client can never see the host game with appletalk. I'm not exactly sure if it wont work because of the emulator or because I dont know what I'm doing.
Any help from someone who has succesfully played a LAN game or knows how to get appletalk to work would be greatly appreciated.

First of all, you need two registered copies of Ares, separate serial numbers.

As to the apple talk network, the best way to test it is to set up a shared disk from one computer to the other. You only need to have file sharing enabeled on the computer that is hosting the shared disk. You chose the shared disk using the chooser in the Apple menu, you may also turn Apple talk on and off from here, or using the Apple Talk control panel.

It is quite straightforward and should work easily.
If it doesn't, try getting the PCs to connect to each other before enabeling the Mac bits. alternatively you could try connecting using ethernet. It depends also on how your emulators use connection protocalls. Virtual PC for example uses a thingy called virtual switch to enable the PCs networking, which works well.

If you have further problems post the details and I'll try and help.

You need two seperate copies?
Oh well, thanks for your help anyway.

Actually, now that I remember it, the demo (unregistered) version of the game will work networked for 10 minutes on one of the net scenarios only (the one with the 2 bunker stations and the asteroids down the middle), to give a feel for net play. So you should be able to host using your registered copy and join using an unregistered copy.