The Clock is Ticking!

If you've not heard yet, Apple just announced the decision to shift to Intel (x86)-based processors. Parts of Ares are written in assembly, if I recall, so that means that in a year or two, new Macs will no longer be able to run Ares at all.

'Tis a sad day.

Such a pity, a game with such potential. But such classics have declined since Nova took the spotlight, thier potential forgotten. We may never see Ares X in any form because of these changes...So sad snif

Hm, doesn't worry me, I still use OS9 to play Ares!

Still we really don't beleive in any possible OS X version of Ares any more now, do we?! 😉

Yeah, I dont believe in it any more. It was ... embarassing, at best, that we found a whole of three people willing to develop Ares X, if Ambrosia and Nathan allowed it.

ps: This is not meant to be rude to the people who didnt want to help. It just gives another example of how dead Ares is.

So long (and maybe for one of the last times 😞 ) :
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Even if Ares doesn't use PPC assembly, Rosetta apparently won't run OS 8/9 apps at all.


I still have my ol' Centris 650 set up and Ares ready. 🙂

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