A favor

Being that my browser isn't allowing me to download some plug-ins I am asking for a favor. I would really, really, really, really

I am having the same problem - except that I already have some of those plugs. I'd do it for you, but I am having another little problem - I can't attach files. If someone knows how to fix that then I could send you Salrillians - In fact I could send you Audemedons too, I just finished it & it will be on the Addons site in a couple days. So I could use a little help fixing my E-mail; That is if anyone knows how.


You don't want SWA and Violent Sounds, I believe the 1.1.1 data files they were based upon aren't compatible with 1.2.
(EDIT: and Salrilians and Ares Cheat are boring and easy)
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Patrick: if you want, it's ok with me if you send Overrider720 SETR beta.

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