Coldstone Newswire: "The Ambrosia Game"

I am currently working on a project called "The Ambrosia Game" which is a source of fun while still being humorus about a great deal of things. It is about when Microsoft is trying to buy out Ambrosia for $2 and you just happen to be in the area. Being a loyal Ambrosia and Mac fan, you pull out your blaster, set it on "Deep Fry" and go in to kill Microsoft's evil robot drones. The drones were built to be invincible, but being Microsoft who made them, that didn't work and they are almost weaklings. The drone captains were supposed to be invincilbe and invisible, but that too was a failure, and they are slightly stronger than regular drones. Remember that it was Microsoft who made these, so they also have lots of bugs and viruses (used in POG as Mind and Undead protection.) so watch out for those. The object is to get Bill Gates' money, and give it to Andrew for future game development.

Warning: If you work for Ambrosia, and you know that this office layout is incorrect, or you are captured or are fleeing in panic, remember that this is made by someone who last was in New York in 1992, and has never been to Rochester. 🙂

This will be finished in roughly 3 weeks.

Interesting. Wouldn't the drones crash or blow up before you destroyed them? Just curious. 🙂
I hope this does not have any copyright conflicts.

Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool.

interesting so where is it at?


I would like to see this project soon.


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