Coldstone Newswire: The Gods are Silent

"Mindle, a huge, crowded city. Built at the crossroads of the world, Its home to the rich and poor, Gods and demons. The city Guards keeps the peace, but its a tough job, and when Gods dissapear, it gets a lot tougher."

"The Gods are Silent"
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I'm sorry to be rude, but this plot sounds like a complete ripoff of the Hawk and Fisher novels by Simon R. Green.

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Well It is very slightly based on thos books, but I'm trying to be as origonal as possible. There are many fantasy novels with the same general premise as the Hawk anf Fisher noves.

Besides the gods in that book die, not dissapear.

anyway, im sort of drifting away from my origonal idea. Its now more of a working your way up the ranks kindof deelie.

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