Coldstone Newswire: Pillars of Garendall reviewed & on CD!

Inside Mac Games has posted a (url="http://";=1")nice review of Pillars of Garendall(/url), saying:


Pillars of Garendall combines a great story, cool gameplay and detailed graphics (old-school 2-D meets sprites and 3-D tile effects) for a rich RPG experience. If this is what the Coldstone game engine can create over the course of a year (with plenty of beta-testers e-mailing in bug reports almost the second they occur), then there’s definite potential for Pillars of Garendall to become even better.

Those of you wishing to get ahold of Pillars of Garendall might consider grabbing the current issue of MacAddict magazine. The full version of Pillars of Garendall is on the CD that is included with the current issue.