Coldstone Newswire: Pillars of Garendall released!

Ambrosia Software, Inc. has just released Pillars of Garendall , a huge and fanciful action/adventure game that gently carries you off to a distant land of adventure and excitement! Click on the image below to enter the Kingdom of Garendall!

(url="http://"") Posted Image (/url)

The full version and the demo version is available for the Macintosh now (Mac OS X native, too!) -- the Windows version is coming soon! The CDs are being pressed, so it'll be a few weeks before the CD version is available.

The files are also mirrored here:

full version (150mb) -- (url="http://"")http://berserkir.amb...og_full.img.bin(/url)

demo version (29mb) -- (url="http://"")http://berserkir.amb...og_demo.img.bin(/url)

...and will soon be mirrored on (url="http://"")

Due to the high demand for Pillars of Garendall, we have set up a special mirror at for the game. You can download either the demo or the full version of Pillars of Garendall from here:

Demo (29mb) -- (url="http://"")http://homepage.mac....og_demo.img.bin(/url)

Full (151mb) -- (url="http://"")http://homepage.mac....og_full.img.bin(/url)

Enjoy, and don't forget to visit the Pillars of Garendall web board and add-on files areas:

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.
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