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Well, the forum description said I could rant, so here I go:

My games under work as I type:

Shoot 'em UP!

Remember those days when you played that game where all you can do is go form side to side as this little bot and you shoot at other bad bots that come down at you. Well here it comes again. Shoot 'em UP! will be exactly like that, so there's not too much to rant about.

Emerald Fire

This game is an RPG that is similar to Adrain, made by ledorax. Further info is not to be distripbuted, but if you truly are interested, give me an IM or PM me.

Games on hold:

Other Side of the Sun:

This is a game based on Golden Sun, you may read the description in the Coldstone Web Boards.

Well, I hope I didn't do anything wrong, Mods, tell me if I did Still getting used to this place, even after about a year or two

I would liketo now more. 🙂

You mean you would like to know more? Lol, I have a thing with grammar, aheh.

Anywho, just ask, because I don't know what you want to know lol.

BUT, I am recruiting ppl. I really need some coldstoners.