Coldstone Chronicles: Shadows of the Past: Part 4

Abdar's mouth closed quickly, and he looked over what was before him. This seemed to weird enough to be a dream, all of it.

Standing before him was a boy who looked exactly like him. The same blonde hair, the same misty green eyes. However, his eyes were hard as stone, and seemed unfeeling; full of hate, his clothes had a weird symbol on it; seemed to be a snake wrapping itself around a rose.

"Abdar, I'd like you to meet Zhurkan," one of the magis said.

Abdar stood frozen, his eyelids didn't close to blink, he was simply stunned.

"I understand you must be shocked. You must want to know where both of you came from," he looked at the frozen stiff Abdar.

Abdar blinked, and shifted his weight. He finally spoke. "W-where are we from?" His voice dripped with curiosity.

"You will find out when you're ready. Right now, we must train you."

He was sick of this response, and opened his mouth to say something. Remembering the authority he was speaking to, he quickly clamped it shut.

The old, shriveled magi he was talking to smiled, and said, "Follow me, and our training shall commence."

Abdar followed him down a winding, dark path, with Zhurkan behind him.

A bright light shone in their faces. They walked into a room that had grass on the bottom, trees, and it appeared to never end.

"Welcome," the magi spun around and grinned widely, "to the Training Dome!"

Abdar surpressed a snicker at the name. He thought, "How original." Instead of laughing, he just smiled. Zhurkan stood stone still, not one sign of laugh nor smile came across his face.

He wanted to ask the magi, "What's his problem?" but controlled himself. He simply followed the magi to the shade of a tree.

"Now, I will put a protective layer over you two, which will last for 1 hour. This prevents you from getting hurt while you train," the magi shifted his gaze between them, then continued. "Your first assignment will be to destroy a wall. This is no ordinary wall, so it will take more damage than that of a normal wall."

Abdar and Zhurkan walked to their own walls. Zhurkan punched it. It didn't even crack. Abdar tried a kick, nothing.

As the magi saw their efforts, he realized they were going to need some tips. He glided over to them. He watched their movements carefully. His smooth tenor rang out, and echoed of the walls.

"Don't be so tense, just relax and focus on your enemy. Prepare for anything you might not have expected. Stand your ground firm."

Registering this through his brain, Abdar pulled his legs together, cleared his head, and stood in a horse-stance. He opened his eyes, and punched the wall. Abdar groaned. His fist had gone all the way through, and boy, did it hurt. He pulled back slowly, and stretched his fingers. Abdar heard a rumble, and saw the wall before him crumbling. He jumped away, just as the whole wall fell. Doing a somersault into Zhurkan. He stared down at Abdar, and snorted snottily. Wondering what that was about, Abdar looked at Zhurkan's wall. One lowly dent was in it. He surpressed a smirk.

"Nice work, both of you. We'll work on that, Zhurkan," the magi said soothingly.

Zhurkan waved his hand dismissively, then surprised Abdar. He said, "You may be able to bring a wall down, but you couldn't bring me down if you tried everything you knew." A hint of venom slipped off his voice. Abdar appeared to be ignoring Zhurkan, but he thought if what he said was true.

Zhurkan's voice was deep and rugged, and it seemed the only feeling you could get from it was anger.

"That's enough, Zhurkan. Apologize to Abdar now!" the magi's face turned purple. Zhurkan simply snorted. The magi sighed and motioned them to follow him. He led them to a part of the dome with tiles over the ground.

"Here is where you will spar against eachother, using that protective liquid body shield I gave you for protection. These are the rules: 1) It is full contact 2) If you get thrown out of the ring, give up, or cry, you lose."

"Get a box of tissues ready, you'll need them," Zhurkan snickered. Abdar ignored this, trying not to blind himself with anger. He stepped onto the tiles, across from Zhurkan.

"Ok, go!" The magi started the fight.

Zhurkan lunged at Abdar, who dodged and took a swing at the back of Zhurkan's head. He rolled to his right, and kicked Abdar in the stomach. Abdar countered with a spin kick, almost sending Zhurkan out of the ring. He walked up and prepared a fireball, when Zhurkan jumped up and threw a punch. Abdar moved his head to the right, dodging it, and noticed that Zhurkan didn't have the power to learn attacks when he first saw them like he did.

Abdar threw a fireball, which greatly surprised both the magi and Zhurkan. The magi smiled, recognizing where he had gotten it from, and his power. The fireball hit him squarely in the stomach, blowing him out of the ring.

"Unnngh....." was all Zhurkan could say as he got up. The magi came over and hoisted him up. He then walked over to Abdar.

"Nicely done, few have the talented of learning attacks when they seem them," the magi shook his hand, spirits lifted.

Zhurkan brushed himself off. As Abdar followed the magi for a break, Zhurkan took his fist and raised it above Abdar's head, bring it down. Before it touched his head, Abdar, without looking, kicked Zhurkan in the face. He staggered, upset. The magi whirled around and shouted, "Freezicious flem!" and Zhurkan froze stiff in his step and fell flat on his back.

"I should've known," the magi mumbled to himself. "Abdar, could you please carry him back?"

"Of course, sir," he rushed over and picked up the stone cold Zhurkan. As they walked, he wondered what Zhurkan would try next.

Abdar plopped down in a chair and ate greatfully. Little did he know what surprises tomorrow would bring.

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(This message has been edited by moderator (edited 10-06-2002).)

I really like this!
One excellent thing about it is that it makes the reader really hate Zhurkan first, and then it makes the reader feel triumphant when Zhurkan is defeated.
In that way, this story actually exploits human emotion, which is a brilliant and reader-involving thing to do.

Keep up the excellence and the imagination!

Poor little Johnny, of whom we'll see no more, for what he thought was H2O was H2SO4.

Thanks. 😄 I also have to give credit to Andiyar for making it much smoother than it was originally. Credit to anyone else who did as well. 😄

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Really nice review!


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