Using Plugins?

How do you use plugins, made with Hera, with Ares?


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just take my post, and imagine everything is speeled right.
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Go to this link, it has the info on where to download Ares 1.2b6+Hera. Then just drag the plugin onto Ares 1.2




How do you get the password? Must we send Andrew fancy gifts?

Is the answer to this question 'no'?
Chaos to the enemies of the Azdgari

it's right on the page that I linked to :rolleyes: : geephor

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To get Ares 1.2.0b6(for plugins) go to:

I really should pay more attention. thanks.

Is the answer to this question 'no'?
Chaos to the enemies of the Azdgari

Next I need cheat codes, thanks
hey arada pilot, is that your name on GR, 'cause mine is Dukemaylor, we almost played a game but GR stopped recognizing that I have Ares!!!


Give him two a week maybe? 😉

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Sounds like a good idea to me.

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I wont need that


Ahh yes, I was once a young fellow like him, asking for cheats...

Remember the control Command power gag?

I play plug-ins on version 1.1.1
just rename the plug to sceanrios, and switch it with the scenario file. The only problem is that every time you warp, you cause ships to appear. Anyone know how to fix that?

C' Ya' BI!

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What are you talking about?


These button combinations will change your game experience:

hold command and option, hit escape

hold command, hit power key

I can guarantie they're not the power off or reset buttons (the "control Command power gag" mentioned by crk111 was where we said the reset key combo was a cheat ;)).

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Lol... 😄

Let's not be so mean to newbies... 🙂

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I assume cmd-power is a testing log? How do you get out?

Here's a quick code, type these in quickly for the correct effect.
Press enter to enter the message dialog (where cheats are entered)

A connection (ansible?) **was left;
awaiting the next quiet (peace?); **
and though destroyed by the threes,
it will scream over the void one time.

Geez... Has anyone actualy fallen for these?

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I admit, I almost did.

------------------ obviously haven't been using a Mac for long...I think you need to type something like GF or F to get out of the command power key log thingy. (That combo pauses the mac, nothing goes on until you get out of it)

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I've been using a Mac for a long time. But why bother using that thing if you don't know what it's for or how to get out?

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